Popular media tDCS: NYTimes / National Post

October 30, 2013 in News Items


Three recent articles from popular media.

NYTimes – Jumper-Cables for the mind

This article is a follow-up to the NY-Times article below. It is probably one of the most balanced and complete articles that have been published about tDCS in the popular press to date. Highly informative. Once just has to wonder where journalists get their titles though.

NYTimes – Jump-Starter Kits for the Mind

This article briefly covers the promises of tDCS, how tDCS could be used in revalidation. Some expert opinions about the dangers of tDCS. How there is still much to learn about how tDCS works. A whole lot of unfortunate marketing and the usual simplification that it’s just a nine volt battery.

National Post – Do-it-yourself brain stimulation has scientists worried as healthy people try to make their minds work better

This article mainly deals with the risks of people experimenting with tDCS at home. There is the acknowledgement that nobody yet seriously got hurt, but the lack of knowledge about long-term use of tDCS is still worrisome.