Brent Williams’ wish list

November 1, 2013 in tDCS News

tDCS blog

Brent Williams is one of the active bloggers, who has a whole section of his blog dedicated to tDCS.

Recently he published a wish list, hoping that it will become a reality in the next 5 years. The list probably voices what many people feel.
A shortened down version of his list is below:

In The Next Five Years I Wish That:

  1. Every appropriate medical practitioner (and counsellor) would at least become aware of tDCS.
  2. That the popular press would at least make an attempt to write sensible and factual articles about tDCS.
  3. That funding could be found to “get the word out” about tDCS.
  4. That I could find one or more well-known, depressed, troubled Hollywood star(s) to promote tDCS.
  5. That my second career be all about researching, writing, and speaking about the practical side of tDCS.

You can visit his blog through this link.